Public Private Partnerships


We have significant experience and understanding of preparing tender bid documents for Contractor led teams.

The brief on these projects is normally very prescriptive. It is extremely important to gain a full understanding of these requirements at the outset. The brief typically includes the output specification, room data sheets, room adjacencies, day lighting factors etc.

The challenge for the team is to deliver a commercially viable scheme within the project brief parameters. In order to successfully achieve this, we carefully value engineer each facet of the proposed designed scheme.

Our value engineering begins with critical evaluation of the initial design concepts in terms of:

  1. building shape
  2. building configuration and layout on each level
  3. floor to wall ratio
  4. evaluation of nett to gross floor areas
  5. circulation space
  6. comparison of designed floor areas versus brief floor areas
  7. specification

Once an efficient building layout is established we carry out extensive value engineering options on the main cost elements such as foundations, structure, envelope, services and finishes.